Self-Love Is the Hottest Trend in Fashion

There are always multiple trends sweeping through the fashion industry at any given time. Seem of them focus on the kind of clothes people wear, while others are mere focused on a certain attitude or way of life that is being promoted among those who work in fashion.

One of the biggest attitude trends over the past few years has been that of self-love. It’s a trend that focuses on accepting your flaws, embracing who you are and not letting your perceived shortcomings stand in your way. Just look at some of the biggest fashion models in the world right now. Ashley Graham and Kate Upton would not be the ideal cover models on the ‘90s or the aughts. They simply don’t have the kind of figure that’s deemed most desirable. It has been the trend over the past four decades, or even longer, to cast thin, almost anorexic-looking modes in most fashion shoots. These are the people that have taken over the covers of fashion magazines and that people in the industry seem most drawn to.

However, there has been some backlash over that trend the past few years. We have seen more and more people embrace their own skin and their own “flaws” and do incredible things within the industry despite not being built according to the accepted body type.

This is mostly due to the movement that’s been gaining traction that essentially declares that every body type is lovely. We have seen all sorts of fashion companies embrace this changing perception of beauty. Most notably, Dove has championed the cause of beauty in every size and has practically made it their motto moving forward.

With a wider acceptance of different body types, more people have been able to break into the modelling industry and change those harmful stereotypes and mores that say that only skinny people can be beautiful. The careers of Graham and Upton have been stratospheric, with Upton landing several movie roles as well as a seemingly endless number of magazine covers. She may not be extremely different from the average model, but she is definitely not the norm. Ashley Graham takes it to another level, fitting into what is clearly the plus-size category and yet owning that with alls he has.

What this means for the industry is that there are going to be more fashionable clothes for a wider range of people. Plus-size women and men, and those who just don’t conform to traditional body beauty standards, are finally getting the fashion industry love they need and deserve. People are beginning to recognize that these people need great-looking clothes too and that there is a market for fashionable clothing in all sizes.

By making fashion look good at any size, models like Ashley Graham and those who are pushing the self-love trend are making difference for everyone. The fashion industry is starting to come out of its hole and embrace a wider range of looks, styles and sizes. That’s great news for people who have struggled to find amazing clothes that fit them. Now, they have more choices than ever, and with more fashion designers starting to make clothing for plus sizes and other unconventional body types, that huge selection of choices is only going to expand.

You can see this trend at work every day, and it’s only gaining more traction and becoming more and more important for the industry. We are already seeing some great styles for people of all body types, and we can’t wait to see what else top fashion designers come up with to celebrate and continue this trend.